• GDPR Compliance
    To provide the best experience for each customer we decided to present the way we respect GDPR regulations thus insuring every customer that his data is safe.
  • What data we collect?
    The data that we collect from the customer is, his e-mail address and the country where the person is based.
  • Why do we collect this data?
    The data that we collect is used for the buyback option and to validate the purchase itself.
  • How do we collect?
    All information saved is based on the account creation form and the purchasing form.
  • How long will we keep the information?
    The account on the site is kept for the period that it is being used. If it becomes inactive, it will be deleted after 6 months of complete inactivity.
    The purchase form will be saved for 12 months afterwards it will be archived.
  • What rights dose the customer has?
    The customer has the right to request this information from us. Through a written request we are obliged to delete the data that is saved regarding that customer. The request must be written by hand, dated and signed. We will provide a written response as well to confirm the deletion.

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