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Leya (exclusive token) is a tradable financial assets such as bonds, debentures, notes, options, shares (stocks), and warrants. If you own 1 token you will earn 30% from the price of 1 BHI at every 3rd month.





Acceptable payment methods

BTC, ETH, USD, EUR, RON & more

Minimum purchase


Number of tokens


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720 token
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What do we do with investments?

We created Leya to promote our cryptocoin named Bahiti coin. That’s why all the gathered money from the investment will be distributed according to the needs of the project.

What is Leya?

       Leya is an ERC20 security token, her source being Etherium itself. We have developed this token to increase the Bahiti price and popularity both nationally(Romania) and internationally because marketing is beyond our personal budget. Part of the money will also go into the development of Blockchain technology, so we will create a team to handle this because we have discovered a lot of interesting things about this undeveloped technology.

Powered by PentaSquad TEAM

Each of us comes from a different background and because of this we have a good mix of abilities.

Mihai Candet
Founder & Programming Language Specialist
Florin Ficau
Graphic Designer & Cryptocurrency Specialist
Marian Mocanu
Developer & Programming Language Specialist
Bogdan Costras
Community Management & Assistant Manager
Andreea Danila
Economic Manager & SEO Specialist
Andrei Danila
Community Management & Social Media Specialist
Elina Vrabie
Marketing Specialist
Dragos Cruceanu
Sales Manager

Contact Bahiti Team CONTACT

If you have any question or you want to buy a token and you can not handle it, reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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