What is Bahiti Coin?

       The purpose of the project is to launch a new coin based on Script algorithm that will present a new form of investment, available for everybody, that is easy to obtain. Crypto coins have had a great growth in the last years, even greater than stocks and bonds and are easy to cash out. Crypto coins are still underdeveloped and in time they will become part of our day to day lives thus increasing the price. Even more, cryptocurrencies are not dependant on the usual industries and their fluctuations.
When the fiat currency drops in price, crypto coins grow in price due to the fact that you can get more from the same coin.



What is Leya?

      Leya is an ERC20 security token, her source being Etherium itself. We have developed this token to increase the Bahiti price and popularity both nationally(Romania) and internationally because marketing is beyond our personal budget. Part of the money will also go into the development of Blockchain technology, so we will create a team to handle this because we have discovered a lot of interesting things about this undeveloped technology.



Invest with Leya Invest

Leya (exclusive token) is a tradable financial assets such as bonds, debentures, notes, options, shares (stocks), and warrants. If you own 1 token you will earn 30% from the price of 1 BHI at every 3rd month.





Acceptable payment methods

BTC, ETH, USD, EUR, RON & more

Minimum purchase


Number of tokens

300.000 LEY

Number of tokens remaining

299.280 LEY

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720 token
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Bahiti Development Plan

      First of all, we want to create a trading system for Romanians left abroad, a new, more stable and secure financial system and a new investment opportunity and opportunity.
The trading system will work in “money transfer” mode, an advantage for Romanians leaving abroad who send money home.
With this platform, not only will the transactions be made in a matter of seconds, but the cost of transfer and the waiting time will be reduced, which is crucial for users.

Bahiti Wallet WALLET

Once you’ve entered into our network, you can manage everything. Anyone with a computer or smartphone and an internet connection can make or view the transactions.

Our wallet can help you store, buy, and sell Bahiti. There is also a feature where you can request money, either in USD or BTC. The wallet also offers a vault where the Bahiti are stored. It is also convenient because you can easily add funds to your wallet.

  • It is a decentralized system, there is no central authority that needs to steadily manage, such as a bank
  • User’s personal data is hidden
  • Users have permanent control of transactions
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Private keys are never exposed
  • Professional Network
  • Immune to viruses and hackers
  • No more expensive fees
  • Transfer very quickly anywhere in the world
  • There is no transfer amount limit


March 2018

Concept of the project and tech documentation

July 2018

WhitePaper release

August 2018

ICO preparation

September 2018

Official website www.bahiticoin.com

October 2018

PC wallet Launch & opening Mining Pool

November 2018

Leya token created

December 2018

Start Leya token sales

January 2019

Starting the marketing campaign

February 2019

New updates soon

Powered by PentaSquad TEAM

Each of us comes from a different background and because of this we have a good mix of abilities.

Mihai Candet
Founder & Programming Language Specialist
Florin Ficau
Graphic Designer & Cryptocurrency Specialist
Marian Mocanu
Developer & Programming Language Specialist
Bogdan Costras
Community Management & Assistant Manager
Andreea Danila
Community Management & SEO Specialist
Andrei Danila
Economic Manager & Social Media Specialist
Elina Vrabie
Marketing Specialist
Dragos Cruceanu
Sales Manager

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Is to create a stable cryptocoin that does not depend on the fluctuations of the other virtual currencies and which is integrated into the current financial system as an alternative. Also Improve money transfer methods and secure their storage.

Cryptocoins is a type of digital / virtual currency used as a means of payment. This allows for safe, direct and extremely fast transactions between the parties. Provides full control over payments and balance. It is important not to confuse cryptocoins with the electronic coins, which is electronically stored money on cards. Criptocoins, often called virtual coins, are stored in the digital wallets you use to manage your payments. The digital wallet is protected by a private key. Think of it as an extremely complex password that only you know. You can spend or send money by making transactions directly from your digital wallet to someone else. You can spend money anytime and anywhere, whether you lend it to a friend, pay the mark to the restaurant or even an employee. Unlike cash, encryption is digital, you can make payments with a wallet application on your phone, with a tag, and in many other ways, making cryptocoins easier to use. Because you have complete control over cryptocoins, you do not need to rely on a central authority to validate transactions, all validations are performed by the cryptocoins network. Today, credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions act as managers for your money. Trust them because they protect your information, money, and manage transactions to make sure everything is in order. However, cryptocoins do not require a central authority to handle transactions. As such, while a bank may have a database that is an obvious target of hackers to steal your money, cryptocoins are not susceptible to these attacks. In addition, virtual currencies can process transactions in seconds or minutes, not hours or days as in the case of banks.

At the base of a cryptocoins there are two technologies: the algorithm and the blockchain. An algorithm is a calculation procedure, consisting of the elementary steps required to solve a problem or category of problems. Blockchain is a secure and fast technology for recording information, and cryptocoins is an application of this technology. Blockchain is like a street, cryptocoins only a type of vehicle running on that street. Each block contains the information about a "transaction" stored securely and encrypted. Blocks are chronologically arranged in the form of a chain with a few features: · A chain block can not be modified without altering all the next blocks in the chain; · The whole chain is stored decentralized on the computers of all participants or on many computers. These two features of the blockchain are extremely important because they make information impossible to modify, which is already on hundreds or thousands or millions of computers in the world. If you modify a block, all of the following blocks warn that something is wrong and many people have the original version of the chain and the change attempt would be immediately noticed. It's a very secure way to record data and make sure they can not be modified in the future without the majority.

As if you are dealing with money, security is one of the major concerns. Criptocoins have many security measures to ensure that users and the entire network are safe. On a personal level, each wallet is secured by a private key to which only the owner has access. Wallet also has an address that is used to place transactions from one user to another. To place a transaction, you must sign it digitally with the private key to prove that the owner authorizes the transaction. This means that even if someone finds your wallet address, they can not trade on your behalf. This is why it is extremely important to keep your private key. The blockchain's basic technology makes it impossible to edit or fake the transactions after they have taken place. Enhanced network security over conventional methods makes virtual coins safer and transactions much cheaper. If we look at transaction costs for most conventional payment methods (for example, between 2% -5% fees for merchants using credit cards), taxes are meant to cover issues and costs such as fraud, repayments and others that are supported by all users. Without these costs, you can have very cheap transactions, sometimes paying only small fees for thousands of transactions.

It is a decentralized system, there is no central authority that needs to steadily manage, such as a bank; Bahiti is a new type of virtual currency, the only one of its kind, called the "Stable Coin", that is, it does not depend on other vivid currencies and its value is not influenced by the decreases of the other cryptocoins, the currency exchange being made only in cash or vice versa ; User's personal data is hidden; You can create an encrypted backup of the virtual currency; Payment can be made without personal data being associated with the transaction, and especially taking into account the user's safety; Users have permanent control of transactions; Transfer very quickly anywhere in the world; There is no limit on the amount for transfers; Small transfer fees (between 0-1%); Possible investment and consistent profit. Increased security with regard to hacking.

First of all, we want to create a trading system for Romanians left abroad, a new, more stable and secure financial system and a new investment opportunity and opportunity. The trading system will work in "money transfer" mode, an advantage for Romanians leaving abroad who send money home. With this platform, not only will the transactions be made in a matter of seconds, but the cost of transfer and the waiting time will be reduced, which is crucial for users. We want to implement this system, especially in banks, in order to have an area of ​​coverage for the largest users, so it will be for the benefit of banks, but especially of the users. The financial system is mainly aimed at banks, we want to propose this project to the BNR to integrate it and adapt it to the needs of Romanians, both in the country and abroad. There will be no longer high maintenance costs, transfer costs will be substantially reduced, but especially money and transaction security will be higher, better and more advanced than the current one. From the point of view of the investment opportunity, we created Leya, a token that holds the place of the shares or bonds of this project. With Leya you are investing in this project and you have a great opportunity to gain from classic stocks or the stock market that is very unstable. Bahiti is and will be very stable in terms of its value. Leya will not have any fluctuations of value or price as its shares or bonds have. Instead, when you acquire the Leya token, as dividends, every three months, you receive 30% of the value of the Bahithi coin as much as Leya owns.

Leya, a Security Token, is a financial asset such as shares, bonds or guarantees. More specifically, Leya is a cryptocurrency investment system in this project. Upon purchase or possession of the Leya token, you will earn 30% of a Bahiti every 3 months. We developed this token primarily to increase the value and popularity of the Bahiti, as well as offering users the opportunity to invest both nationally and internationally. Much of the money from selling the Leya token is intended to promote, maintain and, of course, develop Blockchain technology and security that Bahiti uses. Leya is an alternative for people who do not have the coin mining equipment.

The connection between Leya and Bahiti is simple: through Leya you invest in Bahiti. We created this token like a stock or bond so that those interested can invest in this project. As mentioned above, every Leya token purchased, the investor receives 30% of a Bahiti coin as dividends every three months. The stock of this token is a very small one for the stock market, 300,000 tokens. The price of a token is relatively small, $10 / token, which makes it possible for all people with large and small budgets to invest. We believe that leaving this opportunity to everyone's hand, but in a very limited way, those who see the benefits of this project from the beginning will be rewarded.

The investment in this project has many advantages, but the most important are: money security, transparency, financial system security and investment opportunity in the future. The goal of the PentaSquad team is to invest time and resources in order to reach the point where it is applied and especially used internationally. That is why we want to start a collaboration with MPs and finance specialists in Romania to approve and apply the Cryptocurrency law in the country. We want to apply a well-structured law on this new system, so we can become the first country in the world to have these benefits and a plan on a well structured, developed and secure new financial system. We want to bring the future of technology as close as possible to the country where we were born, this being the motto of the team: "The future is closer to technology!"

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