Bahiti Wallet WALLET

Once you’ve entered into our network, you can manage everything. Anyone with a computer or smartphone and an internet connection can make or view the transactions.

Our wallet can help you store, buy, and sell Bahiti. There is also a feature where you can request money, either in USD or BTC. The wallet also offers a vault where the Bahiti are stored. It is also convenient because you can easily add funds to your wallet.

  • Immune to viruses and hacking
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Private keys are never exposed
  • Professional Network
  • No more expensive fees


We opened the Bahiti Lottery! Start playing at our Lucky Lottery and you have the chance to double your Bahiti coins. In exactly two months we will begin the lottery with physical prizes





Acceptable payment methods

Only Bahiti

Minimum stake


Bahiti Lottery
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
Try your luck

Why to invest in Bahiti?

Bahiti is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency that enables you to easily send or receive money online and a new way to make easy money investing.

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What is Bahiti Coin?

       The purpose of the project is to launch a new coin based on Script algorithm that will present a new form of investment, available for everybody, that is easy to obtain. Crypto coins have had a great growth in the last years, even greater than stocks and bonds and are easy to cash out. Crypto coins are still underdeveloped and in time they will become part of our day to day lives thus increasing the price. Even more, cryptocurrencies are not dependant on the usual industries and their fluctuations.
When the fiat currency drops in price, crypto coins grow in price due to the fact that you can get more from the same coin.




March 2018

Concept of the project and tech documentation

July 2018

WhitePaper release

August 2018

ICO preparation

September 2018

Official website

October 2018

Start Coin Sale

October 2018

PC wallet Launch, opening Mining Pool & placing Bahiti in exchanges

December 2018

Bahiti Mobile wallet Launch

January 2019

Starting "What we want to do?" section

March 2019

Participating in international Cryptocurrency events to promote Bahiti Coin

Powered by PentaSquad TEAM

Each of us comes from a different background and because of this we have a good mix of abilities.

Mihai Candet
Founder & Programming Language Specialist
Florin Ficau
Graphic Designer & Cryptocurrency Specialist
Marian Mocanu
Developer & Programming Language Specialist
Bogdan Costras
Community Management & Assistant Manager


Andreea Danila
Economic Manager & SEO Specialist
Andrei Danila
Community Management & Social Media Specialist
Stefana Savin
PR & Media Advisor
Dragos Cruceanu
Sales Manager

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Short answer: not if you intend to use GPUs or CPUs, even if you don't pay for electricity. Long answer: it depends on many factors, including your hardware, the cost of electricity and the market price of Bahiti. In practice, nowadays you can only make a profit by using ASIC (application-specific) hardware.

No, you need an ASIC designed to mine Bahiti. Bahiti and Bitcoin use two very different hashing algorithms (scrypt and SHA-256d, respectively).

Short answer: all else being equal, the higher the PPS ratio, the more you earn. Long answer: a PPS ratio of 1 (or 100%) corresponds to the expected earnings of a Bahiti solo miner in an ideal world, without considering aspects such as orphaned blocks. (In practice, a Bahiti solo miner will always achieve a slightly lower ratio in the long run.) We say “expected” earnings because mining is a stochastic (random) process, and it is therefore impossible to know beforehand exactly how much a miner will earn in a given lapse of time. Thanks to merged mining, a technique that allows multiple cryptocurrencies to be mined simultaneously, it is possible to achieve PPS ratios higher than 100%. This is unrelated to what “profit-switching” pools do, as in merged mining all chains are mined at the same time. For this reason, merged mining does not cause sudden difficulty spikes and does not harm any of the involved networks.

The PPS ratio depends on factors such as the current network difficulty and market price of merged-mined cryptocurrencies. Since these elements can be highly volatile, the ratio can change at any time.

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